We firmly believe that the brilliance, dedication, and passion of our exceptional team members is worth celebrating. RED (Recognizing the Excellent and Distinguished) is our University Employee Recognition Program designed to celebrate the remarkable contributions of our faculty and staff members. We genuinely appreciate every small gesture, each progressive idea, and all selfless moments of service that make a difference in the lives of our students, colleagues, and the entire campus community. At VSU, we understand that it's the people who truly elevate a university's greatness. RED stands as a testament to our gratitude for the extraordinary efforts of our employees. Join us in celebrating excellence and together, let's continue making a positive impact every day!

Spark Level

Tier 1: ALL employees that are nominated for providing outstanding service will be recognized at the SPARK Tier. All VSU employees are eligible to receive a SPARK Recognition.

Fire Level

Tier 2: Employees consistently exemplifying our core values and delivering an elevated level of service excellence will be acknowledged at the FIRE Tier. All employees of VSU are eligible to receive FIRE Recognition.

Blaze Level

Tier 3: This represents the "Best of the Best!" The BLAZE Tier will recognize employees identified in the Fire Tier who promote Civility, Integrity, and Citizenship at the highest level. The top 10 BLAZE recipients will have their names submitted to COSA as nominations for the Employee of the Semester Award. Only full-time staff members are eligible to receive BLAZE Recognition.

Team Level


The Team award was created to recognize unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions to VSU by a team.

There are two ways to qualify:

  • A team that has collaborated to achieve a shared goal, resulting in a significant improvement to VSU or our community. (Members may come from the same or different departments).


  • A department whose members have received the highest percentage of RED nominations for the semester.







Supervisor Toolkit Webpage

Lisa Parrish                Daniel Smith                            

Alan Sanderson           Shonda Bryant               

Regina Ogden              Marlene Marlow                   

Sherry Turner            Jeffrey Thomas              

Selenseia Holmes                  Ashlie Prain                    Cypcyone Thomas             

James Martinez                      Chwee (Tiffany) Lee                

Catherine Wills                      Yvonne LeRoy-Landers                   

Cecilia Furey                        Ansul Lokdarshi              

Rosalyn Martinez                       Alicia Roberson                

Bradley (Brad) Bergstrom         Aerial Livingston                    

Beth (Renee) Whitmer              Gwen Kyles

Wes Babcock                            Nicholaus Clinite                        

Dawn Ames                              Wendy Byrd                


April Spark Recipients:


Christina (Christy) Grimes    Darius Anthony            Tera Ray             

Catherine Bowers                  Kyle Culpepper                     Samantha Paul

Ellen Haight                        Gwendolyn Kyles                   Honey Coppage

Jason Brown                     Brian Sowa               Katrina Crumpton

David Starling                              Wilburn Leschber                 Robert (Jody) Hudnall

Hilary Perry                               Rebecca Petrella                    Raya Schilke 

Stephanie Bland                         Dorothy Nickell                      Michael Schmidt

Benjamin Li                                 Wendy Byrd                            Kristy Lister

Paul Vincent                                Linda de la Garza                   Robin Smith

                         Jeff Shipley                              Heather Craft

Sheila Hall                         Jamie Landau            Alicia Roberson

Veraleen (Vera) Wright         Irina McClellan                  Douglas Carlson

Jeanine Boddie-LaVan       Michael Eaves                     Joel Dion

David Pulliam                   William Faux

Britt Bugby                                   David Nelson

Lee Yarbrough                           Arrington Stoll

Shelby Lamar                               Nicole Cox

Amanda Williams                        Danielle Kimble

Brianna James                              Sarah Arnett


Douglas Carlson                     Dee Ott                 Dennis Conway

Jody Hudnall                     Ramona Wing                        Kytt Everdeen Moore

Ben Li                            LaSandra Jackson                  Maria Springfield

Quinncy Thomas                    Keith Hargraves                     Danielle Kimble

Nicholas Roberts                 Xiaomei Zheng                       Dave Nelson       

Kevin Overlaur                       Ethan Biedermann                Holly Buglewicz

Susan Blankenship                Wade Bugby                           Doug Jordan

Lois Bellflowers                      Chia-Ling Ho                          Lavonna Lovern

Robin Kern                              Jenny White                           Jessica Pope

Sarah Wildes Arnett     Stanley Jones           Andrew Wells

Catherine Bowers       Kytt Everdeen Moore

Douglas Carlson        Emily Muley

Kyle Culpepper         David Nelson

Deborah S. Davis        Isabelle Reimer

Marsha Dukes         Alicia Roberson      

Ligia Focsan           Markaysa Robinson

Angelica Gannon       Steven Sauls

Jason Gaskins          Cathy Sowa

Morgan Hanna        Alfred Stanley


Britt Bugby                   Chwee (Tiffany) Lee               

Thibault Deneve                Dr. Ellis Logan                 

Dr. Raymond Elson            Dr. James Martinez                 

Dr. Heather Kelley             Dr. Joshua Pifer                    

Kirsten Kenworthy            Koryn Weiman                    

Amber Porter               Honey Coppage        

Patrick McElwain         Nancee Storey                   

Kyle Culpepper            Albert Miller                     

Stephanie Bland          Gayle Ramirez                   

Lavonna Lavern         Sheila Hall                    

Brenda Beasley            Dr. Michael Savoie

Dr. Kelly Davidson       Hilary Perry      

Dr. Ofelia Nikolova

Samantha Powell-Timberlake

Glenn Blount                Jessica Pippin                  

Caleb Epps                   Jamarion Robinson                   

Kristin Flaming             Cathy Sowa                     

Natalie Kuhlmann        Brea Thomas                     

Wilburn Leschber        Samatha Powell-Timberlake                     

Sandra Martin              Holly Wright

Ambrielle Major                Leah McLaren                    Tim Wilson

Bruce Lafleur                      Melissa Nolley                   Todd Howard

Bryson Williams                 Michael Black                     Yvonnne LeRoy-Landers

Catherine Wills                  Michaela Fontaine                     

Kanan Simpson                  Mike Knight                     

Kevin Carter                       Monica Haynes                           

Albert Miller                       Jacob Humes                     Sherry Turner

Amber Porter                    Jason Mosley                       Taylor Fulp

Andrew Wells                    Jeffery Thomas                    Tiffany Lee

Ben McCranie                    Jenny White                       Tim Wilson

Brian Fitzgerald                 Jeremy Scott                      Wade Bugby

Britt Bugby                         Joel Dion                           Wes Babcock

Claire Guilliams                  Kate Warner                      

Daniel DeMersseman         Laura Wright

Dorothy Nickell                  Lisa Wagner

Dr. Ofelia Nikolova             Marsha Dukes

Duke Guthrie                    Patrick McElwain

Dwayne Trouille                Shelby Lamar