The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia’s commitment to provide retirement plans for its regular, benefits eligible employees. Eligible employees are required to participate in a retirement plan as a condition of employment. Employees and employers will be required to make the appropriate contributions to the respective retirement system. Contribution amounts for TRSGA and the ORP are determined annually by the TRSGA Board of Trustees and communicated to members by campus personnel.

Employees who are only eligible for TRS shall be enrolled as of the first day of employment. Employees who are eligible for both TRS and ORP must choose between TRS and ORP within sixty (60) days of the employee’s date of hire as required by state law.

This election is irrevocable once the election is made.

An employee eligible for ORP who fails to make an election within the sixty (60) day period shall automatically be enrolled in TRS with no right of appeal.

Any vested member of ERS who becomes an employee of the University System of Georgia may elect to remain a member of ERS, provided that such election must be made to the Board of Trustees of TRSGA within sixty (60) days of such employment and is irrevocable once the election is made.

The Teacher Retirement System of Georgia (TRS):

  • : 800-352-0650

The Optional Retirement Plan (ORP):

Georgia Defined Contribution Plan (GDCP):

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