The Office of Human Resources will work with every hiring manager and search committee chair in effort to fill posted positions (whether for faculty or staff) with the most qualified candidate. All positions must be approved through Careers. Anyone who is hiring for full time, part time or student employees must complete the training.  If search committee members have not previously served on a search committee, the chair should reach out to HR to schedule search committee training prior to the committee’s first meeting.  Furthermore, search committee training must be completed on an annual basis.

Before any candidate can be approved for an initial interview, the hiring manager or search committee chair must forward their short list and the matrix/rubric used to screen applicants, to Sherry Berry

Information sent should, at minimum, include:  

  •   Job ID Number
  •   Prescreening rubric/matrix used
  •   List of those selected for initial interview
  •   Explanation for selection
  •   Explanation of exclusion for all non-selected applicants

Committees cannot proceed with interviews until HR has completed its review.

Click here for a sample matrix/rubric.