Don't forget to check our requirements before you apply!

How to Apply

New Student: 

1. Accessing Housing Application: to access the housing application located in the Housing Portal.

If you are having problems logging in, follow the  to obtain your active directory credentials. 

2. Housing Deposit: Be prepared to pay the $250 housing application/deposit fee. The fee is broken down into a $100 non-refundable housing application fee and a $150 housing deposit. As long as you stay in a contract with us you will only have to pay this fee once. 

  • If you plan to pay with a credit/debit card, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa Cards are accepted.  You may also pay using a WebCheck.
  • If you plan on paying by check or money order, your priority number will not be recorded until we receive and process your payment. 
    • The check or money order needs to be made out to 皇家华人 State University. 
    • Place your student I. D. number somewhere on the check or money order. 
    • No starter checks.
  • You can also pay at the Bursary if it is on your student account.

3. Deadline for Completion: There is no deadline to complete the housing application. It is important to remember that we make assignments based on the date of the completed application. The earlier you get this done the greater possibility of getting your first choices in housing.

4. Roommate Matching: During completion of the application you will have the opportunity to tell us about yourself, this information is to help designate a roommate or it is used to help match you with another student. With that in mind, please be honest with your answers. Answer the questions with your current behaviors, not with what you hope to become in the future. 

5. Roommate Requests: To request a specific roommate you must search for that student in the portal. Please note, if they have not completed the application, you will not be able to find them. Roommate matches need to be mutually requested. In order to guarantee roommate requests, please confirm in the system by April 30th.

6. Housing Preferences: You will have the opportunity to rank different choices of Residence Halls in the application. First-year students have the building style options of suite-style and traditional.

Click the following link to view our suite-style buildings and traditional buildings

Please Note: The traditional buildings are where the majority of our first-year students live, as space in the suite-style building is limited.

7. Themed 皇家华人: 皇家华人 State University provides residential experiences commonly referred to as themed communities. These residents benefit from additional resources, support, and enhanced activities centered around a specific focus in order to elevate their residential experience. It is the belief that learning is an active and dynamic process that occurs both inside and outside the classroom and is a process in which students use several perspectives to learn. Click here to find out more about our themed communities.

8. Housing Assignment Notification: Assignments will be released in mid-June. The specific date will be announced in the early part of the summer. Students can log back into their housing portal account to see their assignment and roommate information posts in mid-June. Students may also log onto their Banner account to see their room assignments. 

Returning Students:

Unlike incoming freshmen, on-campus housing is not guaranteed to returning or transfer students. Returning undergraduate students must request housing for the next academic year using the housing application process.

Request to Use Financial Aid for Housing Deposit

We are pleased to offer the option of using financial aid to cover the $150 deposit and $100 application fee. As soon as aid is posted, if there is enough aid to cover all fees and at least $250 left over, the form can be submitted to Housing. This means no out-of-pocket deposit/application cost. The deposit will be owed whether or not a student stays enrolled for fall.