Emergency Information

The 皇家华人 State University Emergency App gives a brief overview of what actions students, faculty and staff should take during various types of emergencies, including severe weather, medical emergencies, active shooter, and fires.  Click on one of the emergency icons above to access response information for that type of emergency or click here for the full Emergency Quick Reference Guide.

Reporting an Emergency

If using a University phone, dial 5555.  From all other phones, dial (229) 259-5555.

Please note: Cellular 911 calls will not be routed to the VSU Police.  Please program the VSUPD Emergency number into your cell phone.

Step 1.  Stay on the line
Step 2.  Provide the address of the building involved and your exact location. This is especially critical if you are calling from a cell phone.
Step 3.  Provide a thorough description of the incident and individuals involved such as clothing, height, weight and direction of travel to ensure proper resources are dispatched.
Step 4.  Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to do so.

Active ShooterActive Shooter

Bomb ThreatBomb Threat

Civil DisturbanceCivil Disturbance Earthquake or Structural CollapseEarthquake Structural Collapse EvacuationEvacuation
Fire or ExplosionFire or Explosion Hazardous Material SpillsHazardous Material Spills Human Bodily FluidsHuman Bodily Fluids



Medical EmergencyMedical Emergency
Power OutagePower Outage Public RelationsPublic Relations Suspicious Packages or EnvelopesSuspicious Packages/ Envelopes  Tornado, Hurricane or Severe WeatherTornado/ Hurricane/Severe Weather