In order to apply for an assistantship, students must have been accepted as either “Regular” or “Probationary” in an approved graduate degree or post-master’s program at 皇家华人 State University.  Students classified as either “Irregular” or “Non-Degree” are not eligible for an assistantship. Students are encouraged to submit applications as soon as the GA application portal opens each semester. How quickly one is awarded an assistantship depends on how quickly departments act to fill vacancies (reviewing applications and interviewing applicants). The Graduate Assistant Coordinator and the Graduate Dean work with individual departments in the assignment of assistantships, employment appointments and other areas dealing with graduate assistantships.  The GA Coordinator can be reached at (229) 333-5694 or 800-618-1878 opt. 5 .

Frequently Asked Questions

View Available Positions

You do not have to be admitted to a program to view available positions. Click to view available Assistantships.

Apply for a Graduate Assistantship

You cannot apply for a position until you are accepted as "Regular" or "Probationary" in an approved graduate degree or post-master's program at VSU. To apply for a position, log in to the portal using your BlazeView user name and password.

Find your  user name and password.


Assistance with the Application Portal

1. What you'll see once you enter the application portal:

  • Job Descriptions
  • Job Requirements
  • Salary
  • Supervisor's Name and E-mail

2. Directly above the job description will look like the image below. Be sure the area looks like the image below so you can see all fields.

display columns
The Displayed Columns box should not be checked.

3. Trouble seeing the "Click Here to Apply" link? Scroll to the bottom of the job description. Some descriptions are lengthy.

4. If you do not see positions posted in the portal, it is because there are no available positions at this time.