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Obesity Medicine

Obesity affects millions of Americans and is a serious health concern. Conditions associated with being overweight or obese include diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, stroke, and more. 

But losing weight is rarely easy – and there’s no quick fix. We understand how difficult weight loss can be, even when it’s a top priority.

For anyone suffering from a weight-related illness, The Wright Center offers non-surgical approaches to better manage, care for, and overcome obesity.  Our board-certified obesity medicine physicians take into account the many factors (environmental, genetic, behavioral, nutritional) that contribute to excessive weight gain and offer evidence-based methods to provide you with the safest, most effective weight loss solutions available.

By achieving a healthy weight, you’ll decrease the likelihood of developing certain illnesses while improving the overall quality of your life. 

Let our obesity specialists identify your health needs and work with you to take control of your weight, modify your lifestyle, and regain your health – one pound at a time.

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