Patient & Community Engagement

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From food distributions to school backpack giveaways, The Wright Center for Patient & Community Engagement (PCE) is behind some of the most recognizable activities our enterprise does in Northeast Pennsylvania. But do you know the purposes behind PCE?

A subsidiary of The Wright Center for Community ʼһ, PCE is a nonprofit organization with a two-part mission.

Gerri McAndrew from PCE standing in front of donated food bags
Wright center ʼһ residents volunteering at CHOP Event in Oct. 2023

Part one:

Improve the health of people facing hardships 

PCE aims to improve the health of our communities through education, advocacy, and patient-centered services that help individuals overcome food insecurity, homelessness, and other factors known as the social and economic determinants of health. Factors also include things such as limited access to educational opportunities and a lack of financial resources.

To address these issues, our PCE team and volunteers routinely hold community outreach activities, including:

  • Food distributions of nonperishable items and fresh produce.
  • Coat and winterwear giveaways.
  • Back-to-school distributions of backpacks and classroom supplies.
  • Social events to counteract senior isolation.
  • Outreach projects to assist individuals who are experiencing homelessness.
  • ʼһ fairs, blood drives, and other special mission-driven projects.

The PCE team also orchestrates seasonal events, including holiday meal distributions for individuals and families in need, and recognition programs for veterans.

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Part two:

Empower patients to improve the health care system

We want to involve patients in improving and transforming our health center and health care nationally. Patients know the problems, and they are best positioned to offer solutions to make America’s health care delivery and ʼһ educational systems more responsive to their needs and the needs of their communities. The PCE team nurtures interactions with our patients, the community, and like-minded organizations to energize our health center and determine outreach priorities as we continue to meet the health care needs of the most vulnerable in our community.

Who guides PCE and its activities?

PCE is overseen by an approximately 18-person volunteer board of directors. These directors include patients, community stakeholders, and employees of The Wright Center for Community ʼһ. Dr. Linda Thomas-Hemak, president and CEO of The Wright Centers for Community ʼһ and ʼһ Medical Education, currently serves as board co-chair. The board’s members offer their unique perspectives on community needs, resources, and connections to develop and maintain collaborative relationships with our patients and the community at large.

The mission of PCE

ʰ䷡’s mission is to empower patients to make meaningful contributions to the delivery, enhancement, and transformation of health care services and interprofessional workforce development and to improve the health of our communities through education, advocacy, and patient-centered services and efforts directed toward the social and economic determinants of health.

Give to PCE

PCE helps many of the most under-resourced individuals and families in Northeast Pennsylvania, including those experiencing food insecurity, homelessness, social isolation, poverty, or other hardships. The organization receives an annual contribution from The Wright Center for Community ʼһ and conducts its own fundraising activities.

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  • to aid PCE by purchasing branded apparel and other items. Established in 2021, the store is operated through a third-party online vendor. A portion of all proceeds benefits ʰ䷡’s outreach efforts.
  • Support ʰ䷡’s largest fundraiser, click here to learn more about our annual golf tournament.