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Dr. Sandra Rabat

For Sandra Rabat ’26, D.O., there’s something comfortable about going first. Since she arrived at The Wright Center in 2020, she has continued to be out in front.

Kari Machelli, registered nurse and associate vice president of Integrated Primary ʼһ Services at The Wright Center for Community ʼһ

As a registered nurse and the associate vice president of Integrated Primary ʼһ Services at The Wright Center for Community ʼһ, Kari Machelli goes above and beyond the call of duty daily.

Jake Algerio and his mom, Brianne

Despite doctors’ dire prognosis, Jake Algerio of Honesdale bravely fights for a chance at life. His mother, Brianne Algerio, a certified ʼһ assistant at The Wright Center for Community ʼһ Hawley Practice, tirelessly seeks a new kidney for her son.

Dr. Michael Regan works at The Wright Center for Community ʼһ's Scranton Practice

After completing a year-long residency at The Wright Center for Community ʼһ, Dr. Michael Regan decided to stay on full-time.

The Desouza family

Patricia Desouza, a board member for The Wright Center for Community ʼһ, and her son, Kenneth, will undergo kidney surgeries on the same day later this month — one as donor; the other as recipient.

Lackawanna County native Julianna Morse, seen here during phases of her weight-loss journey, has dropped 160 pounds in recent years while getting ʼһ, nutritional, and other support at The Wright Center for Community ʼһ.

“Weight management is a complicated thing,” says Forest City resident Julianna Morse. “People will tell you, ‘Oh, just watch what you eat and exercise.’ But it’s not that simple.”

Maura Longstreet, left, with patient Jennifer Roth

Jennifer Roth feared the worst as she went to her appointment with certified registered nurse practitioner Maura Longstreet, the primary care provider at The Wright Center for Community ʼһ North Scranton Practice.

From beginning kindergarten to completing ʼһ school, and moving thousands of miles away from home to begin graduate ʼһ education training in Scranton, Pennsylvania, twins Lavleen and Ravleen Kaur, ‘25, M.D.s, have always leaned on each other.

Gerard Geoffroy, third from right, attends annual forums in Washington, D.C.,

Board chair of The Wright Center for Community ʼһ wants to ensure everyone in the nation has access to high-quality health care.

Patricia Desouza, left, credits Dr. Linda Thomas-Hemak, president and CEO of The Wright Centers for Community ʼһ and ʼһ Medical Education, for providing care and instilling hope that uplifted her oldest son as he coped with life-threatening kidney issues.

Faith carried Patricia Desouza and her family through the stressful months of early 2023 when not one but two members of the household were facing kidney failure and needed organ transplants.

Picture of Sadie with Betsy

Sadie, a cute and gentle canine, offers ‘happy boost’ to busy health care professionals and support staff.

ʼһ center will be presented with a sustainability action plan, offering ‘road map’ for reducing utility costs, addressing links between climate change, health.

Dr. Erin McFadden provides primary and preventive care services at The Wright Center for Community ʼһ Scranton, Scranton Counseling, and North Scranton practice locations. Go to TheWrightCenter.org or call 570.230.0019 to make an appointment.

National Women Physicians Day on Feb. 3 honors their pioneering achievements and ongoing contributions in health care

At The Wright Center for Community ʼһ Scranton Practice, Lida Kiefer, right, interprets conversations between clinicians such as Dr. Nirali Patel and patients with limited English proficiency, allowing the patients to better understand and advocate for their own care. The Honesdale resident is a certified ʼһ assistant II.

Newly trained employees help to ensure Spanish-speaking individuals get same level of access and care in primary care clinics

Wright Center Internal Medicine Resident Dr. Udit Asija in Munini District Hospital in Rwanda

Internal medicine resident to pursue career in hepatology

The Wright Center for Patient & Community Engagement
supports people facing financial and other hardships

John Slater

The Wright Center focuses on environmental, social, and governance issues with new hire

Happenstance plays a role in single mom discovering a rewarding career as a community health worker

The Wright Center graduate combines his passions for science and medicine in patient-care role at epicenter of nation’s aerospace industry

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Clinic

In 2017, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Clinic launched the Prison Linkage Case Management Program

Medical assistants play a central role in today’s health centers, where care is typically delivered by a team.

Wail Alsafi volunteers with The Wright Center for Patient & Community Engagement to pack bags of healthy food for distribution to those in need in the regional community

Geriatric Care Services

Growing up in Sudan, Wail Alsafi ’23, M.D., lived with his mother and grandparents

Dr. Edward Dzielak standing infront of Mid Valley Practice

Geriatric Care Services

In his ʼһ school days, Edward Dzielak ’81, D.O., faced a conundrum as he tried to choose his next career step.

News & Press

For anyone unsure of becoming an organ donor, Steve has one thing to say: “You can consider yourself a hero”

News & Press

“I believe we can all make the world a better place,” Barrett says. “We all have gifts to give. And I believe in organ donation – it’s the last and best gift anyone can offer.”

Interprofessional Education

The Wright Center for Community ʼһ offers area college students the chance to sharpen their job skills through ongoing internship opportunities in ʼһ-related pursuits, social work, and other professions.

Doctor Profile

Dr. Klamp’s overseas aid trips and professional insights make him the right fit for nonprofit’s new talent acquisition role

In-Demand Careers

The Wright Center for Community ʼһ hosts Pujols Recio as she completes a programto become a certified community health worker – an in-demand occupation in U.S.

The Wright Center's Community health workers

One of the fastest growing, most in-demand roles in health care today is one many people have never heard of: Community health worker or CHW.

Dental Services 

Dr. McCarthy trains new dentists to provide care in underserved areas like her beloved working-class hometown


ʼһ Medical Education

Dr. Beltré foresees career longevity in family medicine – and finds spot in NEPA

Image of Andy and Agnes Touch in their kitchen making coffee

Primary Care

Despite close calls, the Touch family avoids serious illness amid pandemic and praises the caring, close-to-home provider

Addiction and Recovery Services

The Wright Center and allies in newly formed Project PROGRESS aim to expand work options for region’s residents seeking to overcome substance use disorders

Picture of Michaelene Davis with her boxer Rosie

Obesity Medicine Services

Michaelene Davis, 69, recaptures joy of volunteering and other activities with assistance from The Wright Center’s obesity medicine services

James Coursen Walking Downtown

Dental Services 

Scranton resident beams after getting care he wanted at an affordable price

Dr. Chaitanya Rojulpote, an internal medicine resident at The Wright Center for ʼһ Medical Education, provided treatment to Nina, an 86-year-old grandmother, who was on the verge of collapse when she arrived at the refugee camp in Medyka, Poland.

ʼһ Medical Education

Solo trip to Polish border town allows Dr. Rojulpote to deliver hands-on care and dose of hope

ʼһy MOMS Program 

The Wright Center-led ʼһy MOMS program propels former Lake Ariel woman as she moves from homelessness to a whole new life

Primary and Preventive Care 

Amanda Turoni advocated for the creation of a primary care clinic to serve her adopted community in the Moscow area

Patient & Community Engagement

Partnership with Community Intervention Center offers safety net to those in need of shelter and ‘fresh start’

Addiction and Recovery Services

Inspirational images from people living in recovery and others serve to promote healing amid prolonged pandemic

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Throop couple finds answers, support and services by connecting with The Wright Center’s team

Pediatrics Services

Our ‘ʼһ home’ connects patients, physicians in trusting bond

COVID-19 Services 

Linda Marhelski landed in Wright place at right time to have dangerously high blood pressure detected

Geriatric Care

Our Geriatrics Service Line supports area seniors who aim to live independently