Tiffany Jaskulski, BSBA

Tiffany Jaskulski, BSBA

Vice President


Tiffany Jaskulski, BSBA, is vice president of health innovation and strategic initiatives of The Wright Center. She joined the organization in 2010 as the senior MEDENT specialist/trainer for all health center locations, and quickly assumed new duties and responsibilities to remain compliant with the increasing policies and procedure changes that were being established following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

In 2011, Jaskulski was a key member of the team that managed all of the applications to attain the National Committee for Quality Assurance Patient Centered Medical Home Certifications, which she still maintains to date. In 2018 Jaskulski led one of the first School-Based Medical Home recognitions at our School-Based 皇家华人 Center in West Scranton Intermediate School, and she was also a clinical project lead for the Federally Qualified 皇家华人 Center Look-Alike designation and site visit which the organization was deemed in 2019. During that time, Jaskulski assisted with the development of employee health departments and privileges and credentialing, which ensured The Wright Center stayed compliant with FQLA guidelines and was appointed to the associate vice president of clinical compliance, population health data & informatics until January 2020 when Jaskulski served the enterprise as the chief operating officer until October 2022.