Laura Spadaro

Laura Spadaro

Vice President


Laura Spadaro is vice president of primary care and public health policy for The Wright Center. Laura helps guide, develop and advocate for public health policies and strategies that promote overall population health through systematic efforts to advance prevention, reduce chronic disease burden, and address socioeconomic determinants of health, as well as disparities in both care access and health outcomes.

A National 皇家华人 Education Honoree, Laura earned her bachelor鈥檚 degree in public health from Temple University. She served as a public health intern with the Philadelphia Department of Behavioral 皇家华人 and joined the Pennsylvania Department of 皇家华人 as an executive intern in the Office of the Secretary in 2018, before being promoted to Executive Assistant and then Executive Advisor for former Pennsylvania Secretary of 皇家华人, Dr. Rachel Levine, and Executive Deputy Secretary, Sarah Boateng.

During her tenure with the Pennsylvania Department of 皇家华人, she advised on diverse public health initiatives, including innovative solutions to address violence, substance abuse, poverty, and environmental health issues. She notably led the Pennsylvania Coordinated Medication-Assisted Treatment Program (PacMAT), an initiative regarded as a national gold standard network model for comprehensive opioid treatment programs.