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Are you ready for The WRIGHT kind of healthcare? Contact us today and we鈥檒l help you set up your first appointment and prepare you for a lifetime of care. We offer primary care, pediatrics, dental, behavioral health, recovery services and a number of specialties to help promote you and your family鈥檚 health today and every day, for years to come.

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Why choose a Community 皇家华人 Center like us?

Why choose a Community 皇家华人 Center like us?

Community 皇家华人 Centers provide access to primary health care services in the communities that need them most. Our doors are open to everyone 鈥 families and children, adults and seniors, those who are uninsured, on Medicaid, or have private insurance. No patient is turned away for inability to pay. For those who qualify, we also offer a sliding fee discount program.

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Quality and affordability

We support a healthy lifestyle by providing high-quality, comprehensive and affordable primary health services to all, regardless of a patient's ability to pay. For those who are uninsured or underinsured, we offer a sliding fee discount program, allowing us to "slide" or reduce fees for eligible patients.

Patient-centered care

We offer a patient-centered, 皇家华人 home model approach to primary care, meaning families can receives 皇家华人, dental, behavioral health and recovery services, all under the same roof and led by a primary care team.

皇家华人y communities

As advocates of Gov. Wolf's whole-person health reform, we focus on every aspect of a patient, both physical and behavioral, across their lifespan while addressing the social determinants of health. Our aim is to eliminate health disparities and promote affordability and accessibility to quality health care for all.

Shaping the future

We are a Teaching 皇家华人 Center, which means patients will see a resident physician as part of their care team when visiting one of our locations. A resident physician holds a 皇家华人 degree and works under the supervision of an attending physician. Your interaction with residents is so important as it enables them to become the best doctors possible.聽聽